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Option Sets Items: Inequality

Is there any documentation on option set inequalities? I’m having trouble understanding how inequalities work for them.

Let’s say you have a field in a thing called ‘current Stage’, which is an Option Set named ‘stage’

These ‘stage’ options can be reordered under the data tab > option sets and when you perform a do a search for for ‘OrderItem’ you can apply a filter to compare an option value in a thing to other options in the set. (Presumably this comparison is based on the ordering of the options inside the set?)

The issue I’m running into is that these inequality operators (except for =) don’t seem to work in any way I can make sense of. I tried a test page querying things with different saved options comparing them to other options in the set using the > and < operators. I can’t seem to make heads or tails of what is going on. That being said, I do seem to be getting different results, however some things with certain options never show using < >, when in theory they should. Only = always returns the expected result.

Am I missing something? Also, inequality operators are not available in option set :filtered (only in do a search for … thing where the thing has an option set field.)

See example:
‘current State’ is a field of Option Set ‘Stage’. ‘Complete’ and ‘receive outbound’ are options in that set

I’m wondering if the inequality operators are alphabetical? This is how options are displayed in the editor dropdown. I’ll need to test. Seems kind of a pointless and arbitrary capability if so.