Option Sets or Data Type for subject tags?

Hi, I am new to Bubble and am working to build in Bubble a database app I built on another platform.

I have a fairly complex multi-level subject tagging system. I am curious whether it is better to build that as an Option Set or as a Data Type. Each entry in my database relates to multiple subjects. Subjects also relate to each other in that groups of subjects are organized under parent subjects.

Some things I’m looking to do are:

  • Users can search on single subjects as well as multiple subjects as an “and” or “or”
  • I can set up some curated searches that pre-combine some of the subject tags
  • “Tool tip” functionality where someone can hover over the subject tag and see an explanation
  • From the administrator perspective, I’d like to be able to run some bulk actions. For example, if I decide that every database entry that has Subject A also should have Subject B, I’d want to have Bubble automatically assign Subject B to all of those entries, rather than me having to go in and do them by hand.

I’d value any guidance on whether I should start the process with Option Sets, or should set up a Data Type which relates to the database entries.

Thank you.

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