Option to display a thing's data instead of data expressions in the responsive editor

Hello :slight_smile:

When making a page responsive in the editor, it would be nice to have the option to select a “Thing” from a dropdown to display that Thing’s data in place of sometimes long, data expressions in the responsive editor.

For example, if I have a profile page that is of type “User” that I’m making responsive, the ‘view with data dropdown’ would let me select a User (or enter a unique ID). After selecting that User, that User’s data would replace the dynamic expressions in the responsive editor (so the responsive editor looks more similar to preview mode), but we’d be able to edit the responsive settings directly.

I think this would save some time because we could quickly see how the page looks with different data instead of going back and forth between the preview tab and the responsive editor with different users.

Would anyone else find this useful? :slight_smile:


Great idea @fayewatson! This is something I would love to see implemented.