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Options not Appearing After reload

I’ve created a custom form builder, so I can design a form to gather additional information for events.

I have this so that when I click a button it slides out the form on a Floating group which the form is a Reusable element on the floating group. I pass on the Data type “form” information to the Floating group which the Reusable Element uses as the Content source.

I would like to get it so that when the save button(which is on the Reusable element) is pressed for it to hide the Floating Group. There seems to be no way to have a reusable element button effect elements on a page. Is this correct? I had to create another Floating element with a back button, but it’s not always obvious when you click the save button that you then have to click another button.

Hi @eric10 -

You’re correct that you can’t access elements on a page from within a reusable element - this is because a reusable can placed on any page in your app, so we don’t know which page’s elements to access from the reusable’s design workspace.

You can achieve your intended functionality by making the reusable itself the floating group, rather than having a floating group on the page with a reusable inside of it. This way, the workflow on the save button can access the parent level reusable in the hide action.

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OK, great, thank you for the advice.