Options Sets or Data Types

In my app the users will choose from a list of 30 options of preferences in their profile, and then they will be able to see in their timeline just the posts made by those users who match one or more of their preferences.

Can I use Options Sets or should I do it with Data Types in this case?
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Hi there, @carkent… it sounds like you could go with an option set , but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to check out this video to go a lot deeper on the subject of option sets vs. data types.

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Thanks Mike. I had already seen that video and actually got confused…and asked here.

In general, if you don’t need users to be able to add their own preferences (meaning the list of preferences will be static from a user perspective, and when a new one needs to be added, you will add it in the editor and publish it to live), then I would definitely go with an option set.

Great! That was clear. Many thanks!

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