"OR" constraint in Advanced Filter not working as expected when dropdown is created from copy

Edit: This issue was caused by a bug. See my next post below to see what was likely the issue.

I am creating a student application form. In the form, the student will determine which campus is their normal campus via a dropdown called “Student Campus.” I have another dropdown called “1st Class Choice.” It is only supposed to display the classes whose campuses are the same as the value in “Student Campus” or are online classes.

For example, if I have 3 classes, two of which are at the ONT campus and one which is online, even when a student indicates that his normal campus is the ONT one, he can still take an online class.

If I was doing this in SQL, I would probably type something like the following where “Section” is the primary key of the Classes table:

SELECT Classes.Section
FROM Classes
WHERE Classes.Campus = [Student Campus] OR Classes.Campus.[Abbreviated Name] = "ONLINE";

I’ve tried using the advanced filter and an “or” constraint:
Or Constraint 2
Or Constraint 1

However, the “1st Class Choice” does not display online classes when the ONT campus is chosen
Or Constraint 4
Or Constraint 3

It should show the following choices:
Or Constraint 5

How do I get the “or” constraint to work as I want it to? Is this a bug or a user error?

If the ONLINE condition works on its own, then yes it looks like a bug with “or”.

What do you have in the Search criteria?

A workaround would be to have a search for ONT, and merge with a search for ONLINE.

Thanks for your response @mishav

It is indeed a bug. I tested out the idea later in the day on a separate page with only the parts necessary to make it work as expected using the exact same configuration. When I did it there, it worked as expected.

So, I returned to the original page, deleted the “1st Class Choice” dropdown, created a new one with the same name, and configured it the same way. It then worked as expected.

Bug Report

I’d say the source of the bug had something to do with how it was created. The “1st Class Choice” dropdown box was created by copying another dropdown (via CTRL+Click the input control, dragging it elsewhere on the page, and dropping it) that used the same dynamic info to display their options correctly. I created that copy so I wouldn’t have to type an otherwise verbose thing.

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Where everything visible is okay but something hidden is a problem, ugh one of the most annoying bugs!
Good details there, in case you don’t already know it, bugs can be posted here: https://bubble.io/bug_report


I did not know that’s where bugs were reported. Thank you for the link!

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