... or empty operator to avoid long conditions

When working with conditions, I find myself constantly having to set them up double, like

“Data Type’s Field is 0 or Data Type Field is empty”.

You can set default values of course, to “fill in” a zero in fields that haven’t been written to yet, but if the field is later overwritten with some empty data (which we all know can happen by accident for a variety of reasons), the condition fails. In short; for piece of mind, they both have to be there.

In long conditions, this needed precaution can result in a lot of extra editing time, error sources and what feels like unnecessary complexity. Many a time have I been confused by a condition not working when I realize in the debugger that the field was not 0, it was empty.

I suggest an …or empty evaluator that can be added added after a string or integer to check for an empty value in the same condition step.



+1 for this idea


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