"or" expression in condition doesn't work?

Hi everybody noticed

Actually just today noticed very strange attitude of “or” expression in condition

I have a straight text condition on user email - just for the reason to deploy without not completed part of app.

Yesterday it was working well, but today a see the following:

This condition is passing well but doesn’t fire popup open (

The same time condition without “or” statement works well

Am I missing smth ???

The condition is being evaluated as false…

Are you saying you think that’s incorrect?

Thank you for short reply!

“or” condition evaluated as True, but whole condition for trigger evalueted as False

Yes I know (I can see that)…

What is the issue? (are you saying it’s being evaluated incorrectly? - in which case how do you know that?.. do you have any other screenshots?)

Yesterday all was working correctly, same inputs gave success

To be sure, I cut off false condition and run it successful

And yes - I can say that it was evaluated incorrectly, because “or” should evaluate as True if any of condition in line is True

One more attempt to ensure

I place the same email in both conditions - it fires well. For me it seems working incorrect when this emails different

Am I missing or treat smth wrong?

Mind flow as follows:
(true AND true) true (true AND false) == true
(get new from url is yes and user email is test@test.com) or (get new from url is yes and user email is test2@test.com) = false

this is wrong as I think

Why would true AND false equal true? (it doesn’t, by the way)… I think that’s where your confusion is coming from.

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Actually, all the way I was thinking that this right:
(True AND True) OR (True AND False) == True OR False == True

You are telling me that it should be treated as:
(((True AND True) OR True) AND False) == ((True OR True) AND False) == True AND False == False

That can be the reason - but the problem is that yesterday was the first case, today is the second case
How to predict changes in futures?

I really can’t decipher anything you’ve written there, so I’m not too sure what you’re saying?..

But it’s extremely unlucky that Bubble have changed the way expressions are evaluated since yesterday without anyone (aside from you) noticing.

But if you think that is what’s happened, then you’d be better off contacting Bubble directly to ask them why they’ve changed things.


Yes, I’m still learning how to explain my problems, that is true (

Anyway - thank you for help! Bubble community are the best!

Soon I will remove this conditions as development will be completed, for that reason one condition is enough for development as of now :slight_smile:

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Are you using the parenthesis experimental feature? If you aren’t then you should.

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Thanks! I see this feature - will try next time, I’m not alone in development team here, somebody will not be glad for this for sure

I will use it on other apps for sure!

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