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Order of operations

Beyond a good work around, this is 75% of the way to the canonical Lambda Calculus implementation that Bubble (cough-ahem @emmanuel) would need to adopt to enable parenthetical expressions. Long story short Bubble needs to implement a general Bubble Expression action.

Much like Bubble’s existing arbitrary data sources, this action would raise a dialog with a drop-down input that lists all the data types available in the app, and a Bubble expression editor. By having the developer choose the type of the resulting data this would allow Bubble engineers to apply their strong type checking system to provide type mismatch warnings in the IDE. The result of this action would then be available through the usual Result of Step N operator.

It is not hard to show that this allows for both Conjunctive and Disjunctive Normal Forms of Boolean expressions and is thus equivalently to parenthetical expressions.

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Hi all - We recently released an experimental features UI that has a development version of parentheses. Learn more here! Hope you all have the opportunity to start playing around with it and help us iterate to make it better!


This is exactly what I couldn’t figure out how to do without parenthesis. Thank you.