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Order RG things based on aggregates calculation

Hi All,

I’ve been playing with this for about an hour or so and can’t work it out. I have a data type of Night Results which looks like below:

Within this, the rating in the thing is calculated by Profit BB / Buyin BB. Building this data type has been fine. Each player will have multiple things for different nights.

However, I am now trying to build a RG with the aggregate or the rating and order by this. For example if Player A has been in 3 nights, I want to building an aggregate rating based of “Sum of all Profit BB” / “Sum of all Buyin BB”.

I’ve been playing with the Search and Grouping by and can get close, but can’t work out how to do a sort on a calculation. Here is what I have managed to build so far:


Is there a way I can do a calculation on the aggregates and order by the results? I can build the rating within the RG itself, but then can’t order by it as it’s a field in the table.

I hope this all makes sense.


Thank you for your post! It looks like you are wanting to select the aggregated field directly on the “Sort by” option within the search itself, correct? If you continue to build on the dynamic expression (after :grouped by) and select “:sorted,” you may see additional options like “Sum of Profit BB.” Give that a try, and let us know if that works for you!

Thanks Jess,

I managed to get it working.



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