Ordering a "List of Texts"

Anyone have an idea how to set the order of a “list of texts”? Ideally I can enter a number next to each one…

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Thank you :pray:

My recommendation, use @keith 's List Shifter plugin. I spent countless hours trying to order a list of texts natively… you can do it, but it’s going to be absolutely frustrating. And once you figure it out, it’ll be complicated… With his plugin, I did it in about 5 minutes after doing some basic reading on setting it up. I’ll never go back to the native way!


Appreciate the shout out, but tell the OP a little more detail about how you did that, eh?

Thank you so much for the quick response! I’ll check it out!

Thank you Keith for making the plugin, watching your videos on it now!

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I think what @w.fly was getting at is that you can make a simple admin interface that allows you to reorder a list of texts and then re-save it in that order. (This is entirely possible using List Shifter.) I’d just like them to share a video or something about how they use List Shifter for that particular use case. There’s hours of video of me doing stuff with List Shifter, but scant few user examples. The whole point of making List Shifter free was to build a community of users, but they rarely share details of how they make use of this plugin.

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I enjoyed watching the all of the videos, so no worries :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I am nothing if not entertaining, @marius. Thanks for the kind comment.

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@Keith @w.fly This plugin is amazing! and using the selected state is great! But whenever I refresh the page it also resets the order… anyway I can save the order?

Well, no. When you refresh the page, you lose all of the local states, you know? So: Save the changes when they are made in the page.

Save the order of the list by saving the list.

(Also: Thank you for your kind comments! You’re doing it right. Just save your work.)

:laughing: trying to figure that out now… I imagine I have to set the list as a state, delete the current list of texts and add a new list… :man_shrugging: … I’ll figure it out…

had to set the shifted list! got it! sooo awesome!

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