Organize and permission pages

Hi everyone,
I have to develop a project which has some frontend pages (users not logged in) and a backend dashboard (users logged in with various access permissions)

How is it better to organize the pages in this case and how do I block access to the private pages (backend) to non-logged in users?

  1. It’s a good thing to create user’s levels using option sets like admin, manager, client. For each page or group you insert a condicional like: this page is not visible if user is client.

  2. For users logged out insert this workflow below on the page you won’t give access when user is not logged in.

Thanks for replay, for the logout I followed your suggestion, as regards the visualization of the page I inserted the workflow you see in the screenshot but I don’t know if it is the most correct way.
I haven’t found a way to put a condition on page visibility.

Try this:

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