Organize things in folders

Hello fellow bubblers,

In my app I want the user to be able to organize his ‘’ favourite’’ products (things) into folders. Folders being things aswell. So I am thinking how is it the best way to organize this in terms of database and frontend

Create a folder data type. Then create a “thing” data type.

Then create a data type “Things” without the parentheses.

In the folder data type, create a new field that is type “thing” that is set as a list.

In the “thing” type, create a field that is type Folder. I would also add a folder ID text field here to house the folder unique ID as a backup connection option.

When you create a thing, add it to the folder list and add the unique is to the thing.

That would be fine as you say but in my case wont work. In this case I want to organize favourites. So, essentially I am organizing 3rd party users things who current user favourited into folders. It is a bit complex. The way I have it now for creating a favourite is in the user type, I created a a favourite field which is a list of products. In order to organize those into folders is more complex than it looks. At least for now haha