Other elements shrinking when changing dimensions

Hi all,

Does anyone notice that when you re-size an icon or other element, maybe a shape, a few other elements around it maybe in the nav bar or other areas of the page automatically resize or shrink by a couple of pixels?

I cannot work out why - fixed width is ticked for the elements and they are not overlapping or anything.

Anyone noticed the same/found a solution?

I had a similar issue with elements shrinking, not other elements but it might be the same cause:

Thanks, I had a read of your thread, and it seems like a slightly different issue as I am working on Mac and zoom is fine.

Seems very strange, lets see what others say.

I’ve run into this too, and am currently unable to stop it. Resetting zoom to 100% sort of helps, but not always (at least, not for me). I’d really like to have the option to zoom out a bit and not have these elements shift dimensions on me. For the most part, I can, but whenever this starts to happen, I can’t do anything.

Either of you find a full-proof solution (@dambusmedia, @help)?

Just checking to see if anyone has been able to resolve this. It’d driving me (and my OCD) more than a little crazy!

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Nope. still happens to this day! Not a zoom issue for me, just a bubble bug. Tagging @josh please can this be resolved? A few style or element dimension changes and suddenly random elements in the app lose a pixel height or width, or both. This can happen multiple times so things lose alignment randomly.