Our app is live – and I need a peptalk!

Hey guys!

After many months of work, our app (beta) and website is finally live in the Play Store. It’s very content based, so I’m afraid if you download it, you won’t be able to see much, but this video shows how it works. The app has been bootstrapped from day 1, and we’re hoping to get traction without any outside financing.

We’re starting to talk to clients to get them signed up for the beta service, and I’m both super excited and nervous as hell about how this is all going to work out. I need some words of encouragement for this process, haha :slight_smile:

Apart from the Bubble Team obviously, a lot of members of this board have been extremely helpful in solving problems along the way. I’m looking at you @romanmg, @NigelG, @jarrad, @supernaturally and all those who keep replying to threads day in and out, sorry if I forgot your names.

Note: I’m consciously not mentioning the app name in this thread because I don’t want this thread to be too visible in search engines. I hope those who are kind enough to reply can do the same :slight_smile:


Congrats, Petter! Very happy and proud. :clap:

You should submit it to Betalist.com. Your app and the stage its in is a perfect candidate for the “list.” You can get some beta users and quick early exposure.


Thanks for the tip Gaby, I’ll check that out!

Just got our first client meeting confirmed for next week. Here we go!!!

Edit: and our second! Holy smokes, I’m gonna have a heart attack :slight_smile: this is it!

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I will have to go over this in more detail but from what I can tell from a first glance through the landing page: awesome!

This is one of the best if not the best app idea I’ve seen showcased on this forum.

Couple of things that come to me off the top of my head:

name is a bit tricky :stuck_out_tongue: we are having the same issues, find something that you can buy the domain for, is relevant to the product and looks cool. We are also looking at words without (some) vowels, but I’m still not sold on our idea.

I like the lp design, I assume all done in Bubble?

Curious: how do waiters know what table the order came from? When using the app you need to specify your table number?

Do you have a mechanism in place for out of stock items?

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This is awesome !

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Hey Vincent!

Thanks so much for the kind words of encouragement, I really appreciate it!

Yeah, we went a bit back and forth with the name. It might make sense to at least buy the alternative spelling domain names. I like the “logic” of it, but admit it can cause some confusion. We’ve invested a bit too much in it to change it at this point, but if it turns out to be an issue we’ll do it…

Table number: yeah, before you make your order, you specify a code, which can be a table, a sun bed, a hotel room or wherever you want the item delivered. The code is connected to a zone (restaurant, pool area, beach, etc), which is connected to the menu items available at that specific location (you might not be able to buy a three-course meal at the beach for example). There’s no mechanism for stock items, apart from manually deactivating it (there is a venue dashboard too, that let’s the venues control this themselves).

The landing page is actually Wordpress, made with Elegant Themes Divi. We didn’t want any extra activity potentially slowing the app down :innocent:

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Thanks Nigel!

Congrats! Can we have this on our homepage and app gallery? If so, can you email support@bubble.is?


Hi Petter, nice work. I tried to test it, but asked for something that never show reCaptcha. It work only on Android or also on the Web Site?


Hi @emmanuel

We’d love to have it there, I’ll get back to you on this soon! I’ll email support.

Hey @JohnMark

The register venue page is made for desktop. Do you mean that the reCAPTCHA is not showing up?

yes is not showing.

I just tested it, and it’s not showing here either…! Thanks for letting me know, I’ll check it out!

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@petter nice work…on the reCAPTCHA … I had inconsistent issues with this displaying intermittently . I resolved this by adding a “show” in the workflow on page load. If it’s useful

To further reduce spam and disposable emails I also included https://mailboxlayer.com/ api


Awesome work @petter! If you ever get a breather it would be great if you could share some lessons learned during the process.


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Hey, this looks really great!! And while your ‘desktop’ site looks really good, your is the first I’ve seen that looks even better on mobile.

Hope it’s a big success.


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Amazing work, @petter (and that’s an understatement)! You can absolutely tell that you’ve spent an incredible amount of time on this. Love the concept, design, logo, video - truly, everything about it!

Sending you the best of luck with the new customers, though I’m sure you’re as ready and prepared as can be! Being nervous just means you care (always a good sign!) - You’ve got this!! :smiley: :sparkles:

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Thank you so much for the kind words everyone, I really appreciate it!

@Bubbleboy (great nick btw) Thanks for the tip, I’ll check that out.

Lovely design for the app. What an awesome job.

Is it all built on Bubble as just a wrapper submitted to the App Store? (eg. no Dropsource) Did you use any external services to ‘wrap’ the app for itunes/playstore?

I’m also interested to hear if you struggled with pricing your service for clients or whether you had a clear pricing structure in mind from the start. It’s something I’m always changing around for mine.


Hi @cowontherun, thanks for the kind words!

For the app, it’s all built in Bubble, and I used the SuperView WebView package to wrap it to a hybrid app for Android. It has worked without much trouble, and the guy who made it is very helpful. He also has a wrapper for iOS, but we only have Android so far.

As for the pricing, we will be going for a commission model. The coming months will tell if that’s a viable model.