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You guys are funny. These two accounts are the SAME.


Hi lantz! Thanks a lot :wink:

@khrapkove I saw you guys on ProductHunt. The concept is nice, but it’s not clear about the academy. If Indon’t need a job, can I just learn there? Free of charge? And who are the teachers? :smiley:

Thank you also! It’s free of charge, but I thing that tutorials will suit you better in this case: NoCode Tutorials?

It’s better if you just want to build an app by yourself

I just looked at your site. Your pricing is really $1999/mo??


Hi Ken!

Yes, exactly. And you can even try how it works for $9/week :slight_smile:

Check DM

Hi @khrapkove,

Thanks for featuring me in your academy. I appreciate the nod - third most-popular tutorial on your site!!

However, perhaps you could add some attribution/seek permission prior to just grabbing content? I’m sure it wasn’t the intent, but it seems in the current setup people might be confused into thinking you created that content, or that I’m affiliated to you in some way…

I looked through some of your other tutorials, they seem copy pasted from the forum, which is fine, however you seem to have taken the time to REMOVE prior attribution to other authors. I don’t think that’s what this community is all about. We take the time to freely share our experience with incoming Bubblers and make it broadly available - I can’t speak for others but I’m happy to have you share my content with others through your channel. However, I think the least you could do is leave in the authorship/attribution if you’re not going to ask first.



Hi Duke!

Thank you for the information, I will sort that out!

Is it fine now?