Output database entries into blank spaces on a Word Doc

I am building a service that allows users to build a Negotiation Contract. Users answer questions within groups, and those answers are stored in the Database and then used to fill in the blanks on a template document.

Is there a way to first of all input the specific recently created database values into a template document which the user can then download directly from the site as a MS Word doc (with the values of their answers inputted in the template).

I haven’t tested this out but I would give the following a try:

  • Install the Zapier plugin and sign up to Zapier
  • Create 2 Zaps…
  • Zap 1 will be triggered from Bubble when your users submit their form. The action would be creating a Google Doc. You will be able to input the user’s values in the doc through Bubble’s workflows. *Make sure this doc is saved in a particular folder. It will be needed for the second Zap.
  • Zap 2 will be triggered when a new document (from Zap 1) is created in a SPECIFIC FOLDER (the folder from Zap 1). The action will be a POST Webhook (this will need some serious testing). If you’re familiar with using Bubble’s API workflows, you will be able to get the docx file from this Webhook. Then the user will be able to download it whenever you want them too.

I know this isn’t very specific but if this can all be accomplished, that would be fantastic! I’m in need of a similar function so I’ll be test this out soon and let you know how I get on.

Good luck,

Ok, so this method works, however, it isn’t immediate. You would have to wait up to 15 minutes for Zap 2 to be triggered AFTER Zap 1 is triggered.

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