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Outsourcing - how to protect information

I’m just curious if there’s a good way to protect information, especially stripe keys etc if you’re outsourcing work in bubble? We’re looking to have 2-3 projects done for us on an existing app and trying to figure out how to balance this. Am I just overthinking it? Is there a way to add where they wouldn’t see it?

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You can have a dev sign an NDA & confidentiality agreement.

But if you don’t think you can trust your dev, don’t engage them :wink:

It’s like any employee that will have access to sensitive information.

But then what is the risk of a dev doing something nefarious with API keys? It’s not like they can’t just go get their own. Most API keys and/or access tokens/secrets can be reissued anyway if you have the need.

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Just create the dev credentials and once the task is done, delete the API key from the stripe or any 3rd party platform.