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Overflow "fix" broke my overflows

This morning Bubble made the following releases that have broken my repeating group overflow

1/13/22 09:32 overflow fix for RG cells in new engine
1/13/22 07:50 fix for Repeating Groups in the new engine where content overflows a cell

I don’t see any other information pertaining to the release. Is there a different way I’m supposed to handle overflow now?

Right now I have CSS on the ID of that repeating group that specifies overflow: visible; and a repeating group cell width that is several pixels smaller than the image it contains.

How my design is supposed to look (and how it looked yesterday):

How it looks after this update (no deployments necessary):
Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 2.04.21 PM

Hi @flowtron,

It’s still possible (almost anything is with CSS), but you might have to target the cells themselves as well as the RG…


(In edit mode, the HTML element with the CSS styles is out of view, so just check the Elements tree to find it.)


This worked perfectly! Thank you for the solution. Targeting the cells themselves did it.

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For reference, it looks like the change that initially broke this behavior was rolled back today:

1/24/22 09:55 Reverting change to overflow behavior of cells in the new engine

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