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OwnerError Recursion when evalutating property

A plug-in I haven’t touched in months is now throwing the following error in the dev console. (The typo is not mine; it’s in the actual error message.)

OwnerError Recursion when evalutating property

It does not appear to be happening with the published plugin. The error points to some core Bubble JS code. I’m not sure how much time to spend on this. I don’t want to go down some rabbit hole only to discover that it’s a Bubble issue, so I first want to check if anyone else has encountered it. A forum search did not turn up anything.

It seems to have been related to a Bubble expression within a plugin element which referenced a property of the element itself. I have no idea why that would cause an error - especially since everything actually worked without issue - but removing that expression (which simply set a background image conditionally) cleared the error. I was able to achieve similar behavior by implementing the logic a different way. :neutral_face:

Haven’t seen anything like that :roll_eyes:

Here the same thing…
OwnerError Recursion when evaluating property AAN on element
A developed my own video player plugin and made exposed state “error”, so when setting expression If Error is Yes - let use Thumbnail by the source - that error in console occurs.
Can’t figure out where to look for…
If someone from Bubble Team can explain?

Is the plugin using the more recent API?