OwnerError / status 500 from myapp.com/version-test/apiservice/doapicallfromserver

Was contacted by a user of my algolia plugin

They are seeing the following error in the console upon page load of any page that holds one of the elements from my plugin.

the following is the response as captured by the network traffic tab when the 500 occurs for that POST in the screenshot above

    "error_class": "OwnerError",
    "args": {
        "code": "1699041766866x604625795286497900"
    "message": "Algolia4Free error: this URL is not correct (Invalid URL: undefined) undefined"

Here are my preliminary finding:

Bet you it’s got something to do with Cloudflare and their recent outages.

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could be. it’s not happening for the plugins on our dedicated instance but this user… is not on dedicated nor my instance.

thanks for the input! You’re probably right

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