Packaging a BDK App for App Store

Hi All,

Once I build my app with native integrations using BDK plugins, what is the procedure to package the app to the app store?

Can I simply put the app within a wrapper & publish that? Will the BDK plugins continue to work? If I try and use my app outside of the BDK test app, the plugins do not function.

Hey @jake.berry,
As mentioned in the plugin description, the plugin is a component of the BDK Native Service (which you can start a project & purchase) . This forum thread should have answers to your question:

Hey @gaurav

Thanks for your prompt response last week. I have since tried to commence the process as you mentioned however there is an issue trying to progress.

I fill in the details as requested, but the “Start Native Project” button is greyed out / disabled. See attached image.

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Hey @jake.berry,
I use bubble’s email Validator to make sure the provided email address is infact valid before enabling the button. Can you try a different email address?