Page alignment query

Hello! I am new to Bubble and have an issue. My page is currently set up to allow for a sidebar on the left hand side, a top menu bar and a content section.

The page layout is a row and this contains two groups – The sidebar on the left hand side (column) that takes up the whole length of the page [Fixed height at 100%] and a group on the right hand side that consists of a fixed 75 px height navigation bar (row) at the top and a content group (column) beneath this that has been set to 100% fixed height. However, since the menu bar is above this content page, you can see that the bottom of the page hangs below the left hand side bar, which causes you to scroll on the page.

The content page consists of a repeating group with a workflow that “scrolls to” the last item of the repeating group so that new messages that are being generated always remain visible at the bottom of the page. So if there is scrolling involved on the base page then the user will not be able to see the top of the page as they are pulled down… Hopefully that makes sense.

So my question is, what is the best way to make the content page take up the full height of the page and nothing else or if this is not possible due to the navigation bar above it, then how can I set it so the new messages in the repeating group automatically scrolls down and is visible to the user without them needing to scroll down manually? Thanks :slight_smile: