Page auto refresh

Hi! I’m building a multi language recording app. On top half of the screen is a list of scripts(IDs). Lower half is the recording group, in which displays the current script, the recording button and the playback button.

The text box will display script that: fits the current user’s language choice, and, hasn’t been recorded by the current user. --First item of course
Click the microphone button to start recording, click it again to stop recording and create a new recording file or modify an old one.
The problem is, the script is supposed to be refreshed by the “Next” button, but now it refreshes itself right after you click the microphone button to stop recording.
I don’t know what triggered this auto-refreshing mechanism. I’ve checked the box, the group and the page, as well as possible related workflows, but couldn’t find the root of this auto-refreshing. Can anyone think of a solution for this? Thanks! Here’s the link of my app if you want to check it. Click the Thai or Korean button only coz other languages don’t have scripts inside.