"Page builder" as a feature : RG or html/css?

Dear all,

I’m a bit stuck :persevere:

In my app I want to provide a “page builder” for each user. I mean each user will be able to build its own landing page using predefined UI blocks :

  • 1 header among several header blocks,
  • N content blocks (various type and so, various UI blocks)
  • 1 footer among several footer blocks.

I have two options :

  1. I create 3 reusable components. One for all headers, 1 for all contents blocks and 1 for all footers, and I use for each a RG using filtering to display only the UI blocks selected by the user (along with their order for the content blocks, using the draggable plugin)
  2. I create all these various UI blocks using html and css.

The first option will work, it’s the one used in the Airdev Canvas template to build the landing page. But I’m afraid the performances will be poor and building this feature using this option will be a nightmare! Indeed, the reusable component will be between 1000 and 10000px long.

The second option could really be better in terms of performance and in terms of build and maintenance.

What’s your opinion? For the second option, do you have in your bookmarks some good pointers about building UI blocks from scratch using html and css ?


Nobody wants my option #2 dream comes true?


Very possible, we’ve done this with multiple different libraries, allowing us to have everything from full website/funnel builder functions and drag and drop email drip campaigns creation.

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