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Page doesn't refresh when logging into Bubble app via iframe on said app. Is there a workaround?

I’ve embedded with an iframe and I’m using Bubble for single sign-on, meaning the user logs in to Bubble via the iframe. The only issue with this is, if the user is logged out of Bubble before using SSO, the nav bar of the page which hosts the iframe doesn’t refresh upon login to show different logged-in elements, e.g. user settings menu (there’s therefore no issue if the user is already logged in before using SSO).

I’m assuming the log-in refresh only occurs to the tab you’ve logged in on, and an iframe isn’t included in this. Any ideas for a workaround?

I thought I might be able to use a backend workflow with the database-change trigger, where “User Now’s logged in:formatted as text is yes and User Before’s logged in:formatted as text is no”, but then I saw the action options don’t include navigating to a page.

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