Page elements not visible in editor, but still there


I was editing one of reusable element. Duplicated one of the groups - duplicated group was invisible, but elements were selectable and it appeared on preview. I pressed ‘undo’ few times, refreshed the page and then the original of copy became invisible. Yet all the elements are visible on preview and selectable in editor.



Element tree:

What can be wrong about it?

I’ve tried to check in Incognito mode - same story. Duplication of reusable element - same story.

Apparently it was opacity option. I’ve set it to 0 to make a transition, it worked well and was visible before copy-pasting the core group. Mystery!

Bro idk about that problem but make those subscriptions option sets…

wdym? different positions?

I am saying that don’t draw subscription types from db, make option sets with attributes sub type sub price , sub duration .In case of your problem check privacy rules if you are drawing from db

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My problem was about opacity that somehow changed it’s behavior.

Regarding option sets with attributes - thanks, I’ll check how it works.

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