Page formatting in preview and live not working

This morning, pages in my app were presenting in preview and live just as I wanted

This afternoon (approx 3pm/UK), pages that I haven’t changed stopped presenting correctly. Specifically, there seems to be some uncontrolled wrapping to next line.

For example, I have a Group of width 1080 in a page of width 1080 with 5 buttons in the Group (each 150 wide, totalling 750 width). All objects are 25 high, fixed width. In dev mode, they line up, and the heights/widths etc don’t overflow. However, when I preview, the last button now wraps to the next row, even though I’m in fullscreen mode etc.

To check if this was a sizing problem, I temporarily deleted the last button. So now I have 4 buttons up to 600 width in total, side by side. When I preview this, the last button wraps onto the row below again! With 3 buttons (last 2 deleted), the same effect. With 2 buttons (last 3 deleted), the same effect, 1 button below the other!

If I hide the last button instead of deleting it, the background still wraps, but the last visible button doesn’t.

Can anyone advise on why this has started to happen, and what I can do get around or fix it?



So, I’ve worked out how to fix this. Apparently, if one of the buttons is not fixed width, the row lines up properly. It doesn’t matter which one. Even with just 2 buttons side-by-side, 1 of them needs to not be fixed width.

I had to go and make this change in about 10 places around the app, so I know I didn’t make it happen in the first place.

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