Page HTML Header Not Reverting to normal

I added custom html styles to two different pages in my app.

I was styling the scroll bar.

It worked well and the effects were visible. I was able to change settings.

Then all of a sudden things got weird.

Now when I delete the custom HTML and leave the page header blank, I still see remnants of the previous design of the scroll bar…although it is not the entire, just some like.

The worst part, is when I add new custom HTML to the header on the page, nothing changes and the new HTML is ignored.

Another strange thing that started to happen at the same time is that a reusable element is no longer responding and accepting the datasource it was built and previously working well with.

I tested the reusable element on another page with same datasource and it still is not responding.

As anybody else been experiencing strange behaviors like this? Is there something going on that would be causing apps to act strangely?


Yes, looks like there’s currently an issue with reusable element data sources. See @Taiheta’s link posted above :point_up:

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Do you think the page html header not reverting or accepting changes would be linked to that?

Nevermind…didn’t realize I also had the html in an html element on the page

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