Page indexing issues with finding (404) Page and Soft 404

Google informed me that it has detected page indexing issue on my site. Its not able to find my 404 error page. However I do have the page on my site Page 404 | I did some research and one of the solution provided is “check your web server settings to ensure that the server is configured to return a 404 error for missing pages” How do I go about doing that.

This is the exact email i have from google

Page indexing issues detected in

To the owner of

Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 6 Page indexing issue(s). The following issues were found on your site.

Top Issues

  • Not found (404)
  • Page with redirect
  • Soft 404
  • Duplicate without user-selected canonical
  • Excluded by ‘noindex’ tag
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Hi, did you solve this? I have a few of these issues as well.