Page is loaged event order

I have some reusable elements within a page.
Each reusable element and the page itself has their own “page is loaded” workflow event.
I noticed that when the page is loaded, bubble execute first the workflow of some reusable elements, then execute the workflow of the main page, and in the end execute the workflow of the lefted reusable elements.
I want to control the order of the execution, or set the main page workflow to be the first workflow to execute.
Is there an option to control the order, or is someone know how the implementation of bubble works in this case?


Just an idea : instead of setting 1 page loaded workflow per component, you could set only one workflow and set sub-workflows into.

Else if you really need a strict order for the workflows, you could add states at page level, one for each component, and when each component has its workflow completed, you set its state to yes or whatever, which will be a trigger for the next component workflow.

Main page workflow : all states set to no and first Sub-workflow run, then sub-workflow #1 set its state to “yes” at the end of the actions.
Then “when sub-workflow #1 state is yes”, you run your second workflow, and so on.

Just ideas in a quick post!

FYI on order of operations: Order of Operation - #2 by aschofer

Very interesting read.


Indeed, very interesting! :+1:t2::+1:t2:

Thanks man!

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