Page level workflow conditions

I’m sure the topic of security on content and workflows has been discussed before. In the interim, things would be much more secure if we can define conditions that apply to all workflows on a page. The best use case for this would be to apply permission logic before any workflows are triggered on an administration page, as adding role checking to reach individual action would be tedious.


Agreed. I’ve been experiencing random behaviour with security actions/workflows.

Sometimes the not-allowed page is loaded partially o fully and then the redirect kicks in and other times it automatically redirects before showing anything.

I would feel safer if I knew as a fact that certain type of workflows will be processed before anything else.

This would be great!

Seems crazy to me that we’re all spending so much time building our own security systems, each with different approaches, and each with seemingly major limitations. All of the time and effort that we’re putting into building and maintaining these, just to find out they’re still not quite right is frustrating. Would be nice if there were a better way to add page-level security like this.

Database security is great, and it’s important. But, there are times where it doesn’t work for certain security challenges. And, it’s only a single layer of security which never seems smart.

Creating a smart page-level security system like this would be a #bigwin. Easy to use, easy to maintain, and provides the security needed.

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