Page load optimisation


I built a Facebook like app, and for the mobile version, the app is set up like this :
1 - Repeating group search for posts until 5
2 Block search for user:filtered…
3 One more repeating group : search for post:items from #6

I use the condition : Page loaded above fold is “yes” to display blocs 2 and 3.
But I found the app a bit slow. And I have a lot of " search" when I check the console . Inside the search, the response is all the users from the database with some information, but I currently have 1700 users, so how can I optimize this ? Is it possible to fetch the data after some time ? For example fetch the data from block 3 only when the user is at the block , I already use Page loaded above fold is “yes” does it work ?

To fetch data in certain block you need to hide it. makes request only for visible elements.

thx @Eugene_West
Like this ?

Yeah. Apply similar conditions to your desired groups.

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