Page looks alright in editor, then explodes in preview

Here’s my PyQtcumber site

As you can imagine all the header content started off in the center when in editor.

Preview or live mode and everything expands to browser width except the header cucumbers.svg image.


Why would you need the app to be transferred? Sounds like a hostage situation to me.

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Have you done any of the lessons? I think the responsive one should help in your case -

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I believe you didn’t set a max width (if site is stretched).

Anyway I wouldn’t use bubble for building static websites without backend functionality. Think about HTML Themes, Webflow, and so on… :slight_smile: it is way easier (and cheaper).


No thanks. I’m in love with bubble. My usage of bubble has been free and very pleasurable so far.

And my sites will eventually have backend functionality, I don’t know how you got the idea that they don’t…

What would count as backend functionality? What is the minimal definition of that? Example?

Building full web apps like Airbnb & Twitter, just to name a few.

Thanks. I’ve signed up with I in fact do have simple / static-like webpages for my PyQt5 applications.

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