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Page navigation: "data to send" field should be optional

During page navigation,
if a page has a datatype associated to it, recent changes have made it mandatory. it was optional before.

instead, there are a lot of cases where you would want to have this field optional.

for example: I have a page used to create a new invoice. the invoice does not exist when the user lands on the page. User fills in mandatory data, then clicks a button and the invoice object is created; page gets updated with the invoice object.

this is a very practical solution that worked perfectly until the latest changes broke my app :frowning:


“data to send” should definitely be optional.

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Hey @mirco :wave:

Thanks for your thoughts on this and sorry for the how the recent change has impacted your app.

Two thoughts on this! First, consider posting this on the ideaboard. Our team actually watches it often when prioritizing up coming product changes based on feedback and interest from users. Ideas posted there can be upvoted by other users who also want the idea to happen. Second, a simple fix to your implementation here would be to update the page with a group at the top level that is of type invoice. This way, you can navigate to the page with or without an invoice and handle both use cases really well.

As always, we really appreciate your feedback and would welcome you to email us directly with any additional questions or context. You can reach out directly to [email protected]

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