Page Not Refreshing in bubble

I am trying to refresh the page in my app by adding a single step “Refresh the page” in the workflow of a button. The button gets pressed and I am able to see the horizontal blue progress bar on the top of the page, but the page never gets refreshed at all. When I try to use the button in debug mode, however, the page refresh action is not stopped by anything and it happens seamlessly. I am not able to understand why such a behaviour is being exhibited. Please help!

maybe because you have the same content it appears to not be working?

The content isn’t same. We are adding refresh to make the flow seamless. And as I said, when I try in debug mode, it works. But in Run mode it doesnt.

If you want to share a link to your editor, we can take a closer look to see what might be going on. Make sure your app is at least set to “Everyone can Read” (Settings > General > Application Rights)

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