Page not Responsive

I have a page that is not very complex. I keep getting a message that the page is not responsive. There are no messages in the debugger to help debug the situation.

I have removed some repeating groups that are used for search filters and then the page is responsive again.

This shouldn’t happen as I have other pages with the same number or more repeating groups used for filters that are searching 2,200 database items with no issue.

The page with the problem right now only has 14 items in database.

Anybody else experiencing this with pages not being responsive?

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Same here. I also keep getting the saying time-out even on a brand new app.

I’ve never seen this many bugs with Bubble before. :roll_eyes:

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My issue is not in the editor. It is on page preview. I get a few seconds of functionality than it stops. I’m going to try and troubleshoot more tomorrow.

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