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Page not scrolling beyond a certain point when in Preview

Hi All,
I have a strange issue which I’ve spent hours and hours on but can’t seem to figure out. My index page has 3 groups and it’s set to a height of 2220. Nothing special. BUT when I preview the page , scroll-bar show up but I’m not able to go beyond a certain length, no matter what I do. Now here’s the strange part - if I just zoom-in or zoom-out with my mouse - even if tiny bit - I’m able to suddenly scroll down the entire length of the page. It just doesn’t make sense. I’ll be eternally thankful if someone can help me figure this out.


Just to add more detail to my question - I created 2 seperate pages, one is clone of index page with everythong removed except one dummy group. 2nd is a new page (not a clone of index) with exact same dummy group. The 2nd page looks normal in preview where I have the scroll bar and I an scroll down to see the entire length of the page. The cloned index page as the same limitation as the index page.

Did you ever solve this? I’m having the same issue… can’t scroll past the height of the full screen

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