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Page not updating when data change on server (particularly on 4G)

Hi, I had my app wrapped and is used both on iOS and Android.

The app has a page where some workflows “do when” are supposed to fire when something happens on the server.

  • They work 100% of the times when I use my app inside the browser of my laptop connected via Wi-Fi.
  • They work 95% of the times when I’m on a native app with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • They work only 80% of the times when I’m on a native app with a 4G connection.

To be noted that when the workflows don’t work, the page is not idle (I scrolled to make sure). In such cases the only way to make the page work is to reload it producing:

  • a terrible user experience when the user spots the page did not update,
  • a blocking problem when the user doesn’t even know that something went wrong.

The type of events that should fire the workflows are:

  • The field of a data type changed, e.g. DO WHEN Current User’s [field_name] is Yes
  • The sums of some data changes, e.g. DO WHEN Data Type’s [field_name]’s sum > 0

Any clue? Thanks in advance,


Actually I had faced similar issues too. Some of our users are on flaky connections, and they keep complaining about some buttons not being visible (which should be visible when some condition is true) or their button press not getting recorded in the system, or being recorded delayed. Sometimes they press button, but their “Parent group’s thing” won’t be updated because of flaky connection and either I would get null data or wrong thing!

I had reported it to @support, but as I couldn’t really prove it reliably and reproduce it to them, they just ignored it as usual.

They just said the same thing that “Our server logs don’t show any button press” or “We received button press only at so and so time” etc. Well of course! That is what I was complaining about that servers don’t get requests or get delayed and there is no way for me to prove that those clicks did indeed happen.

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