Page pauses loading when user is not active on browser tab

I’ve noticed that the pages of my website pause loading when i switch to another browser tab. So say I open my website built on Bubble in tab 1 of Chrome and say a repeating group is in the process of loading. If I open tab 2 of Chrome to do something else, the repeating group in tab 1 does not continue to load. And I need to go back to tab 1 for the repeating group to continue loading.
Are you experiencing the same issue? Any ideas how to allow pages to continue to load even if I am using a different tab?
(Incidentally, I observed that the bubble editor behaves similarly, i.e. if I open a page in the bubble editor in tab 1 and then I open another page on tab 2, the tab 1 will pause loading until I return to tab 1)

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Hi @42.decaen,

I’m not experiencing this on my end. Could it perhaps be a setting you have in your browser or your computer that might be set for performance reasons?

Yes, I started to face the same issue. Everytime I am not in the same tab of my Apps, the page fails to load. I decided to wait a couple days to see if this is a temporary issue…

If the problem continues, I will file a bug report.

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