Page Speed Diagnosis - What are these items slowing my page?

Hey all!

My speed page is low - I’ve ran it through a speed test software and I’m getting these items throwing up as slowing the page load. Does anyone know what they are?

  1. referrals… How do I correct these?

  2. These CSS & JS items:

I’d be amazingly grateful for any help you could offer.

The js items are your app.

I am aware, as the scan is of my app. I was hoping someone could give further understanding, and possible advice as to how to speed it up.

What I mean to say, rather, is your actual app loading time is relatively quick. ~ 2 seconds or so. What is taking a long time I’d suppose is rendering data on the screen?

Probably a poor lighthouse score but I don’t believe that is a super helpful indicator of how a page actually feels to the end user. Our main product gets a score of 44 with sub second page loads. Because of all the lazy loading I’ve done and other shtuff like loading plugins completely, images, etc.

That’s just one diadnosis’ page of loading items, so it’s not 2 seconds overall… these are just the items I’m targeting to speed things up.

Yes, lazy loading would help, but I’d need to gain an understanding of the items first.

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In general, the best way to optimize your app and its performance is to follow the advice of the master, @petter. If you intend to do anything semi-serious in Bubble his book The Ultimate Guide To Bubble Performance | Buy The Book and really everything he writes, whether on his site or on the forum, are must reads.

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