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Hello, Bubble keeps crashing on me. It underperforms for 5 minutes then crashes.

I’m quite certain it isn’t my machine.

Bubble can be like this for me sometimes as well. I either switch browser or clear cache.

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Wrong thread? :blush:

Yeah, but this is not my thread…but you mentioned me… :blush:

I think you meant this thread: 🚨 Bubble Not Responding to Urgent Request - Broken Live App

Crap :man_facepalming:

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It seems to be an actual problem I’m experiencing. I’ve wiped my cache and history, changed browsers and restarted my machine.

One thing I have noticed though, is that I only get this behaviour when i attempt to work on a specific page (it being the most important page of my project).

Ahh. It’s probably because of the amount of workflows and other stuff on that page which is bogging it down. Is your app a single-page application?

Yes that could be true. There’s a lot going on on that page.
I’ve got a good machine though…shouldn’t that compensate for the load?

I’m now getting anxious…haven’t been able to work since.

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