Page URL Not Showing Certain Information

Having a big problem with the website I’m trying to build. The property information in this text box doesn’t appear even though I believe I’ve linked it properly.

I’ve configured it in the following way: retrieve the location from the page URL and display it on the search page in the text box.

This is the URL: Your Bubble app

And this is the data set I have currently (see photo 2). Albeit just one, it should still appear when I search El Paso, TX, USA.

Is there a reason why the start and end date is duplicated?

Which text box? What should appear and what is appearing?

Please show how have you done it.

By the way, I am not sure if you can just pick up location text from URL and do a search “within x miles” from that text itself. Firstly Bubble might not support. But even if it supports, it would try to convert text to a geographical location and when you enter just the text, it might not be quite reliable.

Thank you for the response. When it comes to the text box, the property name should appear. In this case, it would be Beacon Hill Recording Studios.

Regarding the second point, does the second photo not show how I’ve done it? This is what the main page looks like. The goal is to build Airbnb like website but for music studios.

This is the URL you have given:

I see that start-date and end-date are same. Intentional?

‘room-count’ parameter is not there in the URL. Intentional?

The start-date and end-date is intentional.

The room-count is not intentional.

So, did you fix it and see if that solved your problem? Your search query uses that parameter and your “ignore empty constraints” is off, so not having that parameter could potentially cause issue.

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