Page with max width and content centered?


I want my page to have a max width. I can wrap everything in a group, in order to have a max width, but then the “Page” group an all its content will be left aligned. How can I manage to have a max width, but when the page opens, everything is centered in my browser-tab?

Create a group on the page you can call it “all content” and now add all of the page elements in this group. Set this group to have a maximum width (it’s near the bottom of the popup for the group next to the check box for fixed width).

Now go into the responsive editor, click on group “all content” and you should see 3 lines in center 3 lines on left or right also like you would see in Microsoft Word.

Click the 3 lines aligned to the left and now group “all content” will be aligned to the left of the page

Hope that helps!

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