Page Zoom Error

Every time I open the app it shows this error message but doesn’t tell me how to resolve it. Anybody know how to fix this please?


That usually pops up when your browser zoom is not set to 100%

Check your browser settings, in the top right corner.

I’ve been having this randomly this past week. And my browser is set to 100%. If it’s worth anything, today I didn’t have this warning at all.

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I reported this as a bug once as it was happening very frequently on one of my laptops. I think the Bubble team applied some sort of fix because while I still get it every now and then, there’s been a big improvement. So it may be worth reporting it as a bug and providing details of your browser, screen resolution etc.

I receive this kind of message most of the time in the editor since the start of my bubble account, mostly on every browser. I did not change the zoom it’s 100% but I still recieve it everytime I open the page or the editor.

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