Pagination bullets on a Fixed Cell Number Repeating Group (Slideshow style)

Hi, guys!
I’m trying to make an “Article slideshow”. The article is a thing with an image, title and description. I can show everything in a Repeating Group with only one cell (Fixed number of cells 1x1) and navigation arrows which can slide the articles back and forth. The problem is, I’d like to use pagination bullets as well, to show which index the repeating group cell is showing, just like the circled area in the image.

I tryied to make another repeating group with the same things, but i could not access the index of the actual cell on the other repeating group. Any help?

Thanks in advance.

I was working on this just now-

here’s how I did it

So long as it’s only meant to show the latest number X articles you can just say when user clicks pagination dot 1 display article #1:

or #2 or #3 etc…



Also, just realised if you are using a repeating group instead of ‘item #1’ item #2’ etc just use the display page function:

display page ‘1’
display page ‘2’

NICE, thank you very much!
I also set the bullets to change color depending on which index is in. I can continue my work now.
Keep the good work! <3

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