Pagination: RG reverts to page 1 instead of staying on same page as record

In my list of clients, the pagination works to the point where, if I click a page number, that page’s list of clients shows up in the repeating group. But when I click on a specific client, that client’s info shows up in the panel on the right (the way it’s supposed to), but the list of clients reverts back to page 1. How can I get the RG list of clients to stay on that page instead of reverting to page 1?

This is correctly showing page 9’s list of clients:

But when I click on any of the client numbers - Client 556 for example - that client’s info shows fine in the panel to the right, but then the client list reverts back to page 1. I want the list to stay on page 9.

Link to my editor: TRWE | Bubble Editor
Group Content > Group Data Panel > Group Clients

I’m having a similar problem. Any possible workaround?

Not sure if it’s gonna work but try to insert this step

On this trigger

Let me know the result pls.

There’s some search in the RG that’s making get back to page 1.

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