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About Sky Zone;

Are you tired of seeing the same old CAD company and wanting a professional CAD company. Sky Zone is a CAD/MDT, Logo and Server Development server, all of our ‘current’ CAD’s are FREE and we are already on our way on developing new CAD/MDT’s. Our team members highly valuate customers and believe they are the reason that our company is running and that our standards are the way they are. We have our 20 Free CAD/MDT’s to choose from and we have a template for you to use and try creating your own and our development team will assist throughout your development.

We Pay Staff Members
Sky Zone is differently ran compared to many companies, our company is the first company to pay staff members for how many hours they commit and when they progress in positions the pay rate goes higher.
If you have any questions or any suggestions, please contact our Sales Assistant they will be happy to assistant you.

Sky Zone – A Unique CAD Company

How can I join the staff team , what currency do you use to pay your staff members and what are the duties and work for staff members ??

Hi there @sharsh735, if you join our discord server, i can explain there.

Thank You,
Connor B

Hahaha, that’s funny because when I worked here, there was no pay involved. I guess being the second highest rank gives you nothing.

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Lol That is true cus when I worked there I did not get paid lol, And never got a cad

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