Parabola + Bubble Partnership

Hi Bubblers,

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Parabola, a product that allows you to automate processes involving your Bubble app data via a drag-and-drop experience. Our friends at Parabola have added Bubble as a source and destination of data, so that you can more easily move data from Bubble to Parabola and vice versa.

Parabola is great for working with your Bubble app data on a more macro scale. It is especially powerful when you want to create more complex flows to move your data to and from 3rd party services. You can even schedule Parabola flows to run at specific intervals.

Some examples of when you might consider Parabola:

  • You want to pull some of the data in your Bubble database, transform it a little bit (e.g. filtering, calculations), and push it into a 3rd party system like a CRM, marketing tool, data analytics tool, etc.
  • You want to pull some data from an API, manipulate it in ways that are tough to do using Bubble’s workflows, and push it into your Bubble database
  • You want to pull data from your Bubble database, manipulate it in ways that are tough to do in Bubble natively, and push it back into your Bubble app

For a more concrete example of what this could look like, check out these three “recipes” of example flows from Parabola.

Note that Parabola works through Bubble’s Data API, so if you’re setting this up, please make sure the Data API is enabled and your Privacy rules are set appropriately.

Parabola adds exciting capabilities for working with Bubble data, so we’re excited to see what you all do!




Awesome News :muscle:!


It keeps getting better!

Just in time to solve a problem I am having :laughing:


What is the difference between parabola and integromat or scheduling recurring api workflows?

Parabola and Integromat are third party tools that help you connect different online services. I don’t know Integromat very well, but with Parabola, they leverage different services’ APIs to create an experience where you can move data between different products more seamlessly.

API workflows in Bubble allow your app to perform certain actions, including when a user isn’t on a page waiting for that action. You could probably build certain API workflows and API connections between your Bubble app and third parties you want to integrate with, but for certain use cases, using a tool like Parabola that specializes in this cross-tool connection might be easier.

Check out the three “recipes” in the original post - they’ll give you an idea as to the use cases that Parabola is well suited for.


This is fantastic. I already use parabola and this integration would make it a lot easier to move large data sets and Manipulate data easier!! Thank you !!


@nocodeventure, Integromat is a superb tool and I use it quite a bit but it’s best for routing data from here to there easily.

Parabola is much better at data manipulation and restructuring.


Thanks team! We already love Parabola in conjunction with Bubble - this just makes it that much easier!

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@anil check this out. I think it may very well work!

Might look at this since handling huge data in bubble can be tough. But given my location is in SEA, wonder moving huge data for processing might have a speed impact.

Hello everyone and merry christmas,

We´re trying to have a live database backup in Mysql or MongoDB so we can produce calculations faster than in Bubble.

We were wondering if it would be possible to use either Parabola or Integromat so that these tools monitor changes in the database and send them to the external database so that we´ve a synced database. I mean the tool keeps an eye on created records, updated or deleted records and send them to the external database.

For example, when user creates something, send it to the external database; when user updates something, send it to the external database, …

Will this be possible somehow?

Thanks a lot and have a good day.

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Hi @eli,

It seems you´re savvy in Integromat. Nice man :slight_smile:

What do you think about this use case? Parabola + Bubble Partnership

Thanks a lot.

Playing around with this—a lot of the data in most of my data types’ tables is custom data types from other tables. Is there any way to get the API export to pull the display field rather than the Unique ID for these data? Otherwise it looks like I’ll have to build manual lookup tables in google sheets to decode the Unique IDs.

Parabola has a function to handle that but I don’t recall it’s name. I’m on my phone at the moment and their site won’t let me see the workflow on this site screen.

If nobody else responds with more details, or you haven’t figured it out, by the time i get back to my computer, I’ll provide the details and screenshots.

Good luck!

Thanks! Some fiddling around has led me to believe that a combination of the Join step and the Column rename steps is likely the answer, but that is a bit annoying to have to do for every linked data type. (But I guess less annoying than manual .csv exports every time I want to look at my Bubble data in any other system!)

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This is great, thank you!

Can you launch a Parabola Flow from a click on a button from a user on my platform?
I use it to merge Bubble data tables to export it afterwards.

I think this might help:



How do you send a webhook from Bubble to Parabola via a button of the current user´s data for example? I did the workflow as “Open external website” and then put there the webhook URL. Is this ok?

I mean in Parabola you get all the fields of the table but what if you want your user to execute the webhook so he can get a CSV file of this data?

Thanks a lot.

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