Paragraphs made up from an RG of sentences

I’ve got an RG that is made up of sentences that form a paragraph. I’m trying to setup the RG so that it will display like a normal paragraph. In the shot below, sentence 3 splits to a new row because it won’t fit entirely on the first row.

The behaviour I want is for the first row to include the first few words of sentence 3 before splitting the rest onto a new row.

Is this doable?

I need to hold the data at a sentence level for a mixture of AI classification and user actions that need to happen per sentence.

If not - we’d be happy to pay someone that can build a plugin that enables us to achieve the same. DM my if you’re interested.

Why? Why not simply join the list into a space-delimited string? The joined string will automatically update as items are added to / removed from the RG.



And if your RG is a list of things and not text types, just use the :format as text operator.

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Thanks for suggestions @sudsy

Couple of things I don’t think this will work for:

  1. Need to be able to trigger user actions at a sentence level (e.g. to tag sentence 1, or click on sentence 1 and see a bunch of related information)
  2. I’ll need to indicate at a sentence level where something has tags against it, and a relevant colour / icon to show that that tag is

Unless I’m missing something combining into one text string won’t allow me to do that?

Need to get to something a bit like this…

Well, with those additional requirements, something like the following is possible…



But it might also be possible to pull some CSS shenanigans to alter the layout of the RG itself…

Feel free to DM me and let me know what your budget is, and I’ll let you know if I can help.